Vertical garden design is a popular way to add greenery to indoor spaces, whether for an office, kitchen or living room. It’s a beautiful way to fill the space with a natural element and can be made from many different types of materials, including wood, concrete and metal.

Plants for Vertical Gardens

The best plants for a vertical garden are those that need minimal sun or shade. They also need to be able to thrive in a variety of soil types and climates, so it’s important to think about the location of your home or apartment before you start designing.

Using Old Things for Decorating Wall Vertical Garden

The use of salvaged pots can be a great way to create a fun and unique vertical garden design. You can find these kinds of containers at garage sales or thrift stores. Just be sure to check their water-holding capacity before you purchase them.

Rusted iron rods are another great idea for a vertical garden. You can weld these rods against the walls of your porch or patio to grow small herbs and other plants.

Felted or plastic planting pockets offer another way to create a vertical garden, and they come in various sizes to hold varying amounts of soil. Be sure to fill the pouches with potting soil and leave room for the plants to grow.

Hanging Planters for Your Vertical Garden

There are numerous ways to display plants for your vertical garden, and one of the most common is to hang them from a ceiling. These hanging planters can be as simple as patterned ceramic holders, but you can also find wrought iron ones with a bold look to accent the space.

You can also make your own vertical garden by hanging empty soda bottles, and you’ll be able to enjoy your garden without ever having to touch the ground!

This is a perfect DIY project for anyone who wants to add some flair and color to their front porch or entryway. You can use a few different types of plants, such as ferns and geraniums.

If you have a large space, consider placing a number of these planters around the perimeter for a beautiful effect. You can even combine different colors and sizes of the same plants for an asymmetrical effect.

Then, you can even hang a decorative bird bath or bird feeder to finish the look. The beauty of this design is that you can keep adding more plants and flowers to the arrangement as long as you have the space.

These plants are a wonderful way to add greenery to any space in your home and are a very popular choice for vertical gardens. They are easy to care for and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They also have many benefits, such as increasing the overall air quality of a room and improving the mood of the space.